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My All Time Best 10 Tricks

  1. Lennart Green FISM Act
    (Lennart Green)
  2. Yann Frisch FISM Act 2015
    (Yann Frisch)
  3. Real Ace Cutting
    (Benjamin Earl)
  4. The Ring, the Watch and the Wallet
    (Tommy Wonder)
  5. Slydini's Knotted Silk
    (Tony Slydini)
  6. A Trick Without Explanation
    (Dani DaOrtiz)
  7. The Tuning Fork
    (David Roth)
  8. Pieces
    (Christian Engblom)
  9. The Trick That Cannot Be Explained
    (Dai Vernon)
  10. Ivan Netcheporenko FISM Act
    (Ivan Netcheporenko)